How to Enlarge Your Penis for Free!

How to Enlarge Your Penis for FreeHow many men out there want a larger penis but don't want to spend any money? I'm sure most men would yell "me". In these hard economic times, we are going to provide you a couple of easy free tips to enlarge your penis!

The first tip is one of the easiest, trim the pubic hair. Having a lot of pubic down there can dwarf your penis and make it looks smaller. If you trim the hair a little, your penis will look bigger! I suggest using scissors or a beard trimmer.
The second tip is not as easy as trimming your pubic hair but it is free and you can do it in the comfort of your own home, its called penis exercises. I mentioned a few penis exercises in a previous article on this site. The Jelq exercise has been proven to work, but it takes a while.

The Jelq exercises requires some form of lubrication, like baby oil (hey, its cheap!). It is important to perform any penis stretching exercises with a form of lubrication. For the Jelq exercise, get an erection to around eighty percent stiffness. Grip your penis at the base, and move up to the penis head. Focus on pushing the blood up to your penis head. Remember to gently massage your penis after each repetition. This is called a jelq. When you have reached the penis head, swap hands and repeat the process, doing twenty five of these jelqing exercises. Continue this amount of jelqs for the first seven days, then add 25 after every seven days. At the two month mark, you should be at around two hundred jelqs. Stay at two hundred jelqs, do not go over.
These are a few tips on how to enlarge your penis for free!