Jelqing is a Good Penis Enlargement Exercise

Jelqing is a good penis enlargement exercise. Jelqing can be done in the comfort of your own home. And for those of us that are on a tight budget, jelqing is a very cheap (free) method for enlarging your penis size! We must warn you, jelqing is time consuming, but it is worth it!

The jelqing exercise is an ancient technique. It is believe that jelquing was developed in the Arabic culture. These ancient men developed this exercise to enlarge their penises. Their jelqing added many inches to their penises.

What is jelqing? Quite simply, it is a method to force more blood to the penis. By doing this, the tissue fibers in the penis stretches, and results in a large penis AND much stronger erections.

In order to jelq, your penis must be semi-flaccid or 100% flaccid, you cannot jelq with an erect penis, it simply will not work. The more flaccid your penis, the more limber the tissues in your penis will be able to stretch out.

Lubricate your penis and both hands before you start jelquing. With your left hand, make the "Okay" hand signal and grab the base of your penis. Make the same hand signal with your right hand and slowly start pushing the blood from the base of your penis up to the penis head, kind of like "milking". Continue this jelqing exercise for about an hour a day and in a few months you should see a huge difference in penis size.

I encourage you to do your own research in jelqing. Jelqing, if done correctly is a very effective method in penile enlargement.